A portuguese market filled with treasures

Welcome to Café Vasco da Gama's treasure trove of old-world food in a traditional Portuguese store counter setting. Marvel at our mouth-watering display shelves stacked with fresh, authentic products.

A multitude of services

Whether you're in a rush or taking your sweet time, you can choose from an extensive selection of deliciously unique meals, especially our exquisite sandwiches, which capture flavours from the four corners of the world. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere over a cup of coffee or one of the chef's creations and experience a warm Portuguese welcome.

A flexible catering service

The choice is yours – inspired breakfasts served daily from 7 am to 11 am (until 2 pm on weekends), a delicious quick lunch menu, lunchbox service, tea room and, last but not least, our bar – the ideal spot for meeting up with friends. There's also our catering service, an affordable way to make life easier by taking your business dinners or events to the next level with Vasco da Gama's quality and know-how.